this is a big week

first, the big move.

for the past week i've been documenting the preparations of moving a hundred year old house. i've interviewed the workers, friends and architects. the guys call me hollywood in jest and i adore them in return.

tomorrow is the big day.

thanks to the power of satellites and google maps, you can see my mathematical diagram of where the house is going.

the big move

quite simply, this shit is impressive.

later on this week i'll be volunteering for a the Camden International Film Festival.

more on the big move and the films i'm looking forward to seeing, later...


jsarbino said...

I have never really understood why people move homes. Is it sitting over a sinkhole or something?


Kemp said...

Move as in, lift the whole thing up and carry it along to the new place?

If you have any juicy nerdy technical construction information, please share

Beave said...

Hey. Where ever you go; There you are.