broken english. i'm always a sucker for a fairytale love story. parker posey's character is adorably quirky and difficult...

the boy in the striped pajamas, by john boyne is a quick read, and written with a childlike tone but dealing with adult topics in a similar way as the little prince.

kicked off
CJ, my favorite (enormously tall) california boy on bravo's top chef. sigh.

jens lekman, a sweet summer's night on hammer hill (mp3)

found in the archives
a note from my mom. i can't believe she still spells louis' name incorrectly after all these years.

my mom has a sense of humor


Virginia said...

That was just too cute - no, some things never do change...thank God.

Anonymous said...

I prefer to use a plastic bottle

Anonymous said...

i remember that! hehe, i thought it was pretty funny!