going somewhere?

going somewhere

the other day i was fantasizing about my family kicking me out of the house. i started imagining how i'd make ends meet. while i didn't have any groundbreaking inspirations, it felt good to internalize my stuckness instead of drinking another pbr and ignoring it.

ok, actually that was a lie. instead of having a pbr and ignoring the thought, i had a pbr and thought about it.

i've been living at home hopes that i'll save money (i never do) and that the comforts of home will somehow motivate me to get on with my life. i've had an interesting few years, but i still haven't gotten my shit together enough to stand on my own two feet so don't think this rational is working.

the truth is, i have attempted to leave a few times, unsuccessfully.

this spring i made a personal goal for myself that i'd move out of the house by november, which gives me a month. to be honest i haven't thought much about this goal until a few days ago.

i'm not promising anything, but at least i've vocalized it.


elcomom said...

You're just so much fun to have around.... mostly....but wings, wings were made to fly...

EmilyQ said...

mom, what's the story with this picture?

atlantic ave?

where we moving? or traveling?

elcomom said...

I wish I could remember...maybe it was one of your stays with Grammy while I worked...tho I do remember those wonderful old suitcases. I bet one was full of art supplies and the other with your tape player and 'littley thinker' tapes...

In the picture you seem too old for your car seat- with it's custom made corduroy cover- which is still in the basement... surprise, surprise.

It certainly was 14 Atlantic Ave. The plywood on the steps reminds me how neglected, yet lovely that place was.

Beave said...

I wouldn't rush it. Wait for just the right moment, but also remember that opportunity is not a lengthy visitor and good good fortune like bad can be found when you least expect it.