today was fuzzy like

looking back on pictures from last night, i'm fairly sure i had a good time.


as you can see we made some new friends. thank god, because i've been needing a good ear swabbing.


corey says, "_______________"


eli gave us (yes, both of us) a ride home from the rhino room. eli and i lived in the same dorm our freshman year in college. lodge rats forever!


the roof the roof the roof is on fire

could've should've

he was on the potential date list the last time i was in newport. hottie!

keep your hands to yourself

the apartment in newport. with twin toddlers. take note of the whiteness.


my turn, my turn

my turn from Emily Qualey and Vimeo.

miles from here


the center of the world


Camden is on someone's list of classy places (found on Bannister's Wharf, Newport, RI).



a new port

i'll be in newport for a week with Alison, Corey and the twins.

this week will be chalk full of kids and boats. yippee!

i'm also hoping to revisit an old idea. but make it better.
(maybe even talk to one or two)



in regard to yachting... i took an excursion to the big city of portland to see YACHT and Vampire Weekend at space gallery.

i've been a fan of space ever since the screening of air guitar nation, and i was psyched to see bands that have been on my radar this summer. it was worth every minute of the route 1 wickeds...

i hadn't heard of the headlining band, the dirty projectors... and to be honest i didn't really get them... in time perhaps?

Vampire Weekend - Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa
Vampire Weekend - Oxford Comma

YACHT - So Post All 'Em
See A Penny (Pick It Up)

more goodies:

Deer Tick - Art Isn't Real (City of Sin)
The Red Romance - Interview/Listen (belmont represents)
The Bees - Listening Man (via ze)
The Pinker Tones - Love Tape


gimmie more, gimmie more

i have so much good stuff from greens... here's a roundup:

video links:
out vs. outhouse tour
tree scars
we are family!

greens flickr set


greens scenes

greens scenes from Emily Qualey and Vimeo.

green returns

i forgot that:

  • unexpected torrential rain storms can dissolve into a gorgeous day- whew!
  • wearing pants and closed toed shoes IS more comfortable than flops and shorts, especially when picking and...
  • eating wild raspberries straight off the plant vs. having them picked for you is a far more satisfying way to eat berries.
  • the cricking of crickets is thunderous.
  • shrieking cousins (i love you) is even more thunderous than the the crickets.
  • nagging aunts (i love you, too) get shit done, and food on the table three times a day... yum.
and of course the most exciting reminder that:
  • the difference between an "outhouse" and an "out" is that an outhouse has actual walls while an out has only a roof (or a few walls).



off off and away

greens island bound

i'm looking forward to:

  • waking up to crisp salt air
  • aunts, uncles and cousins
  • island paths
  • beach sculptures
  • outhouses...
it's been far, far too many years...



i'm a little sad that i'll won't be able to cheer on fellow maniac, McNallica at the us air guitar championships tonight in ny.

phone pic

seriously. if you're in ny, you shouldn't miss this spectacle of air. and if by chance you DO get a ticket... cheer my girl on.


playground of lime

lime island from Emily Qualey and Vimeo.

the shift

it's august... but today it feels like fall.


function discovery

i discovered a new function on my video camera. so, i played.



knock on wood: eggemoggin reach regatta

click here to see an awesome video of friday's lightning show. go ahead, press the little expand button in the bottom right hand corner and watch it full screen!
by Blake


me right now

me right now project on vimeo.
Eggemoggin Reach Regatta

liberty moths

i learned a new word today, thanks to Projectionist.
funny enough it applies to the video perfectly!


1. Of or like twilight; dim.
2. Becoming active at twilight or before sunrise,
as do bats and certain insects and birds.

unkle: keys to the kingdom


i shouldnt but...

my sister is so cute when she sleeps!