going somewhere?

going somewhere

the other day i was fantasizing about my family kicking me out of the house. i started imagining how i'd make ends meet. while i didn't have any groundbreaking inspirations, it felt good to internalize my stuckness instead of drinking another pbr and ignoring it.

ok, actually that was a lie. instead of having a pbr and ignoring the thought, i had a pbr and thought about it.

i've been living at home hopes that i'll save money (i never do) and that the comforts of home will somehow motivate me to get on with my life. i've had an interesting few years, but i still haven't gotten my shit together enough to stand on my own two feet so don't think this rational is working.

the truth is, i have attempted to leave a few times, unsuccessfully.

this spring i made a personal goal for myself that i'd move out of the house by november, which gives me a month. to be honest i haven't thought much about this goal until a few days ago.

i'm not promising anything, but at least i've vocalized it.


progresss report: you spin me right round

mount of the arrow day 3.jpg

with the arrow almost in place, each of the 12 dollies under the house were adjusted to spin the house the last stretch home.

oh, and i almost forgot my list of important statistics collected as a numerical overview of the move:

  • 5 scratches from crawling around in the brush
  • 1 face first digger off of a pile of dirt
  • 3 bruises
  • 2 (maybe it was 3) hangovers
  • way too much pizza, period.
  • 9 dv tapes (ugh)
  • 1 excavator ride
  • >35 new buddies
  • 1969 stills
  • 1 party



yes, it's about time for some culture.

i'm getting a late start on the film festival, because yesterday the house was spinning like a top, so i missed the intriguing murder story based in maine called "Knee Deep." check out the trailer, it's bizarre... hilarious.... the maine i'm not exactly familiar with.

imminently i'm going to see "King Korn," and then "The Union: The Business Behind Getting High."

I'd like to see "Off the Grid: LIfe on the Mesa" but i'm not sure if i'll have the stamina for a third film. i'd like to walk around the block and get some fresh air sometime today.

tomorrow i'm looking forward to viewing "Helvetica."

i'll probably be too lazy to actually review all these films, but you never know. maybe i'll give each one that i see either the thumbs up or thumbs down.


I'm sure they do

progress report: ZOOM!

mount of the arrow2.jpg

MJ took some shots from a heli yesterday too. take note of the smoking chimney as the house goes up the hill.

today the house will be turned and aligned on the foundation. whew!


View from mt battie

Rounding the bend.

You can see the bridge in the foreground... Part of which is temporary. This is the next tricky part.

progress report

mount of the arrow

i've never been very good at numbers, but i'm going to focus on the buggers today.

and, i'm going to take notes. novel, i know.


this is a big week

first, the big move.

for the past week i've been documenting the preparations of moving a hundred year old house. i've interviewed the workers, friends and architects. the guys call me hollywood in jest and i adore them in return.

tomorrow is the big day.

thanks to the power of satellites and google maps, you can see my mathematical diagram of where the house is going.

the big move

quite simply, this shit is impressive.

later on this week i'll be volunteering for a the Camden International Film Festival.

more on the big move and the films i'm looking forward to seeing, later...

wedding season


narcisism, remixed

C McC remixed my two photo booth narcissism videos (1 & 2) into this triptastic vid-yo.



blogging from the bar


broken english. i'm always a sucker for a fairytale love story. parker posey's character is adorably quirky and difficult...

the boy in the striped pajamas, by john boyne is a quick read, and written with a childlike tone but dealing with adult topics in a similar way as the little prince.

kicked off
CJ, my favorite (enormously tall) california boy on bravo's top chef. sigh.

jens lekman, a sweet summer's night on hammer hill (mp3)

found in the archives
a note from my mom. i can't believe she still spells louis' name incorrectly after all these years.

my mom has a sense of humor



IODs... gripping i tell ya

bruce prepping martha for the day

our host told us that nantucket isnt a gated community its a moated one

airports 'n stuff

early morning rainy lift off from portland last sunday:

Untitled from Emily Qualey on Vimeo.

have you seen these things? sighting in the airport in portland.

toilet seat condom-ish from Emily Qualey on Vimeo.

i got to nantucket yesterday afternoon. i'm here with another team of t2p.tv, bruce and martha for the IOD (international one design) world championship.

IOD's are a class of boats that have been around for generations. there is a guy competing who has won the world championship 9 times, and another guy 6.

i'm doing my very best to have a good attitude about being on the island of nantucket. thankfully the masses of have gone home for the season, and all that's left are a few foreign kids and blue hairs. (ok, the guy working at the bar last night was cute... but i was definitely the youngest eating at the restaurant by about 20 years.)

i'll probably be lying low, unless someone knows someone (nice) here that wants to amuse me after the parties at night... the last time i tried to forge out in nantucket on my own, i met one asshole after another, after another. some dude actually made me cry.

where the hell is lil ian. he was supposed to be here!


weather over lake ontario

check it out

here is some information about disabled sailing.
video: here
regatta site: here


inspiring stories

i'm in rochester until wednesday. then i go to nantucket.

this is what i'm doing. and this shit is cool.

inspiring stories... from Emily Qualey on Vimeo.

i work for a company that films sailboat racing. we film the day of racing and then show the days racing at the party in the evening and simultaneously upload the show on the internet by nine or so at night.

if you want you can check out the real thing that we put together on www.t2p.tv

we are currently in rochester, ny for the disabled world championships and qualifiers for the olympics.

it's fairly remarkable. there are three classes of boats racing, but the newest class of competing boats are able to be adapted to be sailed by countless of different disabilities. they're called scuds... and must be driven by a severely disabled person and there must be a man and woman on the boat.

there's an australian girl who has no arms and drives the boat with the toes of the one leg that she has.

unfortunately there wasn't any wind for them to sail today... but these boats are high tech, and i'm psyched to see them rock n roll!



learn me more better

if anyone knows of a good final cut pro tutorial for beginners let me know.


photo booth narcissism

photo booth narcissism from Emily Qualey and Vimeo.

music is One Heavey February by Architecture in Helsinki


found: a note to myself

my feet stink
i need to get over it already
no, not the feet thing, the other thing.

-April 27, 2007

also, what i'm listening to: september sillies