are we home yet?

our chariot awaits

this is what i get for gloating about how good life is... yes still laughing


Bean that is

i can't get enough


bad ass

portland's air guitar winner. that's right. bitches. speak.

about to air in space


greg brown


spiritual reading

yup i got a reading


I love this place


happy friday

my bike is pabst powered

these kids

wished me happy 4 20



the brook babbles

april showers finally


So Maine : the blue goose

And then we saw deer

Happy Birthday Saphrona

my little sis turns 19 today



Coffee bound

I'm a zoot girl. Taken with my phone by sandra. Bound with paper towel by isaih.


The proteges

My cuzens (2 of the too many to count...)


The baddest bitch

Louis and the giant mouth


mobile blogging

i'm testing mobile blogging. this is ridiculous.

i wish bliss and i had used this for our last project! we kept things up to date fairly well, but gees louise. this would have brought things into a different level of immediacy!

in addition, this page is awfully bland at the moment, so i figured a little color, especially in the midst of the snow blahs would be welcome.

i'm bonding with goldfish in nyc.


in november and december, i'm excited to wake up to see a blanket of white over the earth. the sight of snow fills me with childlike glee.

come april, i'm about ready to shove the snow up mother nature's ass. i should probably be thankful for this sprinkling of dandruff, with the implications that global warming have on our earth.

but, i'm not.
i'm ready to play in the mud.

webcam of camden harbor,

also took a screen shot for reference down the line... harbor life is imminent!

camden harbor webcam april 3, 2007


these are my friends. i like what they do.

dumping grounds

i'll likely write and erase.

upload and delete.

whatever is in this space.

many times.