airports 'n stuff

early morning rainy lift off from portland last sunday:

Untitled from Emily Qualey on Vimeo.

have you seen these things? sighting in the airport in portland.

toilet seat condom-ish from Emily Qualey on Vimeo.

i got to nantucket yesterday afternoon. i'm here with another team of t2p.tv, bruce and martha for the IOD (international one design) world championship.

IOD's are a class of boats that have been around for generations. there is a guy competing who has won the world championship 9 times, and another guy 6.

i'm doing my very best to have a good attitude about being on the island of nantucket. thankfully the masses of have gone home for the season, and all that's left are a few foreign kids and blue hairs. (ok, the guy working at the bar last night was cute... but i was definitely the youngest eating at the restaurant by about 20 years.)

i'll probably be lying low, unless someone knows someone (nice) here that wants to amuse me after the parties at night... the last time i tried to forge out in nantucket on my own, i met one asshole after another, after another. some dude actually made me cry.

where the hell is lil ian. he was supposed to be here!


Beave said...

How long you stuck there Em?

virginia said...

Ummmm - Hate to break it to you lady, but Lil Ian is here in Camden! I bet you can't wait to get back now. We were talking about you last night and how funny it is that you're finally in Nantucket and he's here. Can't wait to see you. Give me a ring when you get in.

EmilyQ said...

dammit. lil ian.

i fly to boston on saturday, i bus home on saturday!

i'm getting drunk on saturday.
i'm sleeping in on sunday.
then i'm going to go for a hike.