Tradition in time

I've been thinking a lot about family since our big Thanksgiving extravaganza. My thoughts have been bouncing back and forth between the sentimental awe and the realistic disconnect that I have with my extended family.

I'm a little younger than one group of my cousins and significantly older than the majority. The age difference sets me apart enough that when I'm not instigating them to do lip-dub's, I'm observing them, and I'm inspired by the remarkable way that they along and interact.

There were giggles over nothing, sharing of ipods and even heated political debates. But the most interesting thing I overhead were the murmurs about continuing the tradition of getting all our families together, "When we grow up."

It's heartwarming to hear such a sentiment. It speaks wonders for the example that my mom and her siblings have set for us. I'm hopeful for the future of tradition, but not naive to the realistic nature of time.

In time the cousins will move away, get married and have children. In time, the age difference between us will feel less. And only time will tell if we'll follow in the tradition of our cackling aunts and sleeping uncles.



For as long as i can remember my mom's sister Andrea and her husband Steve have hosted Thanksgiving in Sherman Station, Maine. Dinner for 50 is no easy task, but over the years the holiday has become a well ironed machine. This year i challenged the flow of events, with the proposal of a one take family lip dub to "Good Lovin" by The Rascals.

Executing the lip-dub with dinner waiting and the second half of the song not planned out was a challenge, but hot damn, we worked together and I'm sure I wasn't the only one who had fun!

Boom! Enjoy the chaos below.

Oh, i should add that our Thanksgiving count was 49 friends and family. Cousins and spouses and the next generation...

The cousins and extended family

Most of the older boy cousins and fathers departed to huntin' camp around supper time. The girls hot tub lip dubbed "Yellow Submarine" before being ordered to stop singing along the Beatles and remove ourselves from the hot tub to preserve the family jewels. Exact words used too, about the family jewel part.


Dysarts, Herman Maine

Clew sample

My sister sewing a practice sail in the backseat. It's homework.



Entertainment in the Mid Coast was above par last week.

Tuesday night I wandered in the Opera House to see the last set of the Derek Trucks, Allman Brothers guitarist and his band. I haven't seen the Camden Opera House rock like that since I snuck in to see Wilco years ago. Whoop.

On Thursday, I saw Camden Regional High School's production of Footloose. Across the board those kids had smokin' singing voices and they rocked the house right.

Lights go down on the cast of Footloose.

Saturday night was all about EDIE!

Edie slash glamazon was a stitch. Here, she brings Rob up on stage for some lessons in the cha cha.

The Camden Harbour Inn hosted a lovely party after the show. There were nibbles and giggles and gays galore! Edie, and her edietini sat down with us for a bit.

Even with my hot high heels I was a mouse next to Edie!

And i thought with my heels i'd be closer!


Camden Town


I can't believe it's that time of year again.


Derek Trucks Band at the Camden Opera House.

Derek is a guitarist for the Allman Brothers. Oh and Fishman of Phish just walked by.


I'm allowed to eat this.

Project time

At first sight

If you're my friend on Facebook or MySpace, you probably got the memo about the NYGirlOfMyDreams. See, i believe in this little thing called love at first sight, and you can be sure that I was gonna do my part to ensure that boy actually got to meet girl.

I know first hand that the odds of this kind of story having a fairytale ending are slim. But, sometimes, we get a chance to get to know the fantasy. Countless people Facebooked and blogged about the subway sighting, and the NYGirl of his dreams, was found!

I've experienced a similar kind of sighting, and have (strangely enough) had the opportunity (more than once) to meet the boy(s) of my infatuation.

Now, Patrick Moberg gets the chance to fall further into infatuation (love!?!) or dispel the myth. Either way, it's an exhilarating ride, and I wish him the best.

A dusk drive

drive to portland


Good fortune

i'm a fortune teller!
Alison sent me a picture of my fortune telling at Ashwood Waldorf School's All Hallows Eve Walk.


I'll bring my own rubber gloves

I need a job.

Something part time for now, preferably in Camden and not at an old folks home.

I've been looking on VillageSoup for some job possibilities and they all look pretty much like this:
VillageSoup Classifieds

So here's the thing, I'm a pretty bad-ass bus girl (or at least I was when i was 15) and at this point I'd even be down with washing dishes.

My friends, I'm desperate. I need to get out of the house and out from under this rock.

If you know of anything... I'm well aware the good stuff isn't gonna show up on VillageCrap.

Help a sister out!

You're So Wayne

My cave.

It collapsed in the storm last night but it's too heavy to fix by myself.



Magic in the woods

four more
This is the second year I've played the fortune teller at Ashwood Waldorf School's annual All Hallows Eve Walk. Merryspring Gardens comes to life every Halloween Eve with gnomes chipping stones, fairies frolicking and a knight fighting a dragon. Pure magic.

A very special, and somewhat subtle part of the event are the tree faces created from sticks and leaves. Some are quite obvious but others require a second glance.

More faces on trees at Merryspring Gardens.

My ghost

four moments
The First Annual Peter Ott's Halloween Party was a blast and a hangover. I have oodles of pictures and fun over at flickr.