I've been grumpy lately, but as usual the doctor in space always seems to order up just what I need in the stitch of mental sanity. Today, a pair of children were on the menu.

(I'm not the best with ages, but I'd say Towhead is probably six. Maybe seven. His older sister, Sassy, is probably eight or nine.)

Towhead: I was conceived in Havana!
Me: Do you know what that means?
Towhead: Well, I wasn't born there...
Me: Did you hear that Cuba's leader just stepped down?
Sassy: Yeah, he was charge for like fifty years or something.
Me: (Flabbergasted) You're so right!

Towhead: Do you knit? (as he digs out knitting needles and yarn)
Me: I used to, but it's been a while.
Towhead: Oh, I could help you out with that.
Me: Oh, really?
Sassy: If anyone teaches her to knit it should be me. I'm better than you. I'm already onto crocheting.
God, I love kids.

As a kid- Knitting is fun


I'm too sexy for this blog

Someone recently told me that I was far too stylish to leave Maine, saying, "We need you here!" I was all like, "I know, right!"

Matchy Matchy


Things I don't like to Admit

But will.
(a recurring theme perhaps?)

I have a nasty streak. Not freaky nasty, but mean nasty. I hate it when the nasty me shows her face. Sometimes words just don't come out right, they come out blazing and cruel. Occasionally the nasty shows up after having too much to drink. Sometimes I climb up onto a great big soapbox and shout the nasty from the rooftops (not recently thank god). The nasty me is never pleasant to be around, or be.

I do my best to be honest to others with compassion, empathy and patience, but sometimes, I fail.


From where I stood

Today was shitty. I'm sick of the cold snowy weather. I'm tired of doing aimless projects that barely get the bills paid. And for no particular good reason I've just been grumpy (maybe it could have something to do with the prospect of having the house to myself for four whole days and then having my coveted solitude pulled out from under me).

But then after stomping/sulking around all day because of a broken heater, fuzzy footage and a residual hangover my day became less shitty... I received a postcard from the creatives at five and a half with a special creative task written on it. I had forgotten that a month or so ago I had expressed interest in a project called the postcard says.
The Postcard Says
My task made me smile.... I'll post more about that soon.

In other news, today is Edna St. Vincent Millay's birthday. One hundred and sixteen years ago Millay was born in Rockland, Maine and she grew up on the other side of Camden from where I live. We attended the same school, though Mary E. Taylor was Camden's High School in her day, Middle School in mine.

I like to imagine Millay adventuring around town, hiking Mt. Battie, notebook in hand. Or what her voice sounded like at the Whitehall Inn reciting the Penobscot Bay inspired poem Renascence.

I posted this video a number of months ago, but dug it up for the sake of celebration.


ME Time

Cabin fever, what? We're entering the most painful time of year in Maine. The time where everywhere else in the United States (except of course Alaska) is starting to smell like dirt and flowers, but we've still got snow storms on the docket for another two months.

Even though I'm starting to itch for flip flops and sun dresses, I'm as Maine obsessed as ever. Thanks to Google News (my latest obsession) I can track what people from all over, (and where I kind of wish I was visiting) are saying about my slow thawing favorite place.

Camden by the Sea, Rockland by the Smell: Maine odor patrol smells the coffee

Isn't this weather faaabulous: An Aussie celebrates the 4th of July on an island in Maine

Almost Maine: A Comedy

Last but not least, a video of local bad ass's, Kimmy and Kirstin Scott. I've always admired the free spirited Scott family as a kid and to this day they never cease to impress me.

The sisters have entered a contest to get on Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations FAN-atic Cooking Show Special.

The embed player isn't working, click here or there to watch. The comments are worth the trip.

trustfund kids?? are you for real? this family of 7 grew up in midcoast maine with a hippie mother selling quiche in harvard square.


Fruity but not too Sweet

Here are a few of my favorite Valentine's and Valentine ideas that have been floating around.

I love MaryJane's olive(s) you. They are just adorable and savory, not too sweet! Just how I like it.

Ben Lawson takes the heart to a literal level.

Larry Tee, fashion designers Heatherette, new media Artist Andrew Strasser, and music video producer Francis Legge created a sweet Valentine video. I heart it.

Yay, there's love all around!

Happy Valentine's Day!

I haven't been holding up my end of my Valentine bargain because I've been rather busy (good for me, bad for you).

I have however put together a little singing telegram for you to enjoy. I'm singing a song called The Book of Love by The Magnetic Fields.


I was lost, but now I'm found

Watching Lost
That's right. I'm completely caught up with Lost.


This weekend panned out quite differently than I had expected. I didn't even make it to the Toboggan Nationals. Turns out I didn't miss much, an injury on the first day cut the competition short.

Instead, the weekend took a political slant. With the race between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in a dead heat, both came to Maine on Saturday to rally support for Sunday's caucus.

I drove with a carload of four to see Barack speak at the Bangor Auditorium. When we got there, the line was stretched from the auditorium doors, down to the main drag, around Paul Bunyon (whose corroded crotch made it look like he'd wet himself), up another street, up a hill, and kept going, and going. We walked for twenty minutes before the end of the line was in sight.
The line
Paul Bunyon peed his pants
Near the end of the line we bumped into my Aunt Helen and Uncle Andrew so we joined them. Both are Hillary supporters but had come to see Obama speak, seeing as he was in town, and they live around the block. They had attempted to see Clinton earlier in Orono, but had been turned away. Their son Devon and another one of my cousins Logan were both volunteering for the Obama rally so we kept getting the scoop of how full the auditorium was getting from the inside, as the line moved slowly outside.

We were within sight of the door when we were told that the auditorium was at capacity, but that Barack would speak briefly to the people outside. I was a little disappointed that we hadn't made it in, but not entirely crushed. All of a sudden I heard people by the door yell, "We'll take 300 more people!"

If you know me, you know I don't run. But upon hearing the call for, "300 hundred more," you better believe I ran towards that door .

My mom and our entire crew made it in! After going through the metal detector we were were lead down onto the floor in front of the stage where Obama was to speak. I wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else. It. Was. Awesome.
Me n Mom at the rally
Four years ago I saw Howard Dean and John Edwards speak at the College of Charleston but it was nothing like this. The house was packed to the brim, all the way up to the very tip top of the auditorium. It was thrilling to be a part of. Thrilling to get in, and thrilling to be standing shoulder to shoulder with 6,000 people who came from near and far to see Barack Obama speak.
7 thousand
Obama didn't deliver a mind blowing speech, but he covered what needed to be covered to get my vote. Sure, he didn't say anything new, he said what he's been saying, with a few Maine tie-ins (did ya know that one of his secret service dudes is the son of past Maine Governor, Joe Brennan?!). But seeing Brack Obama in person, feeling his charisma, being a part a captive audience, and feeling that energy with thousands of other hopeful Americans, that was something new.
Almost close enough to touch

Oh right, the caucus. My mom and my sister and I went to Camden's caucus this afternoon. It was my first. 560 people showed up. 446 of us caucused for Obama, 105 for Hillary, and 9 people were undecided.
Camden Caucus
Of the 21 delegate slots, Hillary was appointed 4 and Obama 17. My mom's name was pulled out of a hat to be one of the delegates for Obama.



Notes of Another

Notes of another
Last summer I snagged a book from the Swap Shop at the local dump. I picked it up today and it turns out the previous owner had made notations throughout the book.

The note taker seems to have taken comfort in the words of Joan Anderson the author of A Year by the Sea: Thoughts of an Unfinished Woman. The first half of the book is filled with underlined phrases, arrows and comments. Oddly the notes stop at the ninth chapter, called Fogged In.

I haven't even read the book but skimming it I've dived into the heart and struggles of a local woman as she identifies and notates her own truths.


Be Mine

smokey love
The warm and fuzzies in me are bubbling over, and they're not the hungover burp kind of bubbles. These are the happy go lucky, I'm jolly even though I'm broke and I don't know what I'm doing with my life, kind of bubbles.

I'm so thankful for my family, my friends and life itself. To express my love and gratitude I'll be making a Valentine for you every day up until and including Valentines Day.

They will be posted daily at the top of the sidebar.

That's all.
Please, no crying or hugging.
Blow me a kiss instead.