inspiring stories

i'm in rochester until wednesday. then i go to nantucket.

this is what i'm doing. and this shit is cool.

inspiring stories... from Emily Qualey on Vimeo.

i work for a company that films sailboat racing. we film the day of racing and then show the days racing at the party in the evening and simultaneously upload the show on the internet by nine or so at night.

if you want you can check out the real thing that we put together on www.t2p.tv

we are currently in rochester, ny for the disabled world championships and qualifiers for the olympics.

it's fairly remarkable. there are three classes of boats racing, but the newest class of competing boats are able to be adapted to be sailed by countless of different disabilities. they're called scuds... and must be driven by a severely disabled person and there must be a man and woman on the boat.

there's an australian girl who has no arms and drives the boat with the toes of the one leg that she has.

unfortunately there wasn't any wind for them to sail today... but these boats are high tech, and i'm psyched to see them rock n roll!


M said...

That sounds like a pretty cool job.
Now I'm just showing my city boy ignorance here, but is sailing a seasonal sport or are you kept busy all year round?

Beave said...

Nantucket!? Too bad you couldn't go over to a real island, like Martha's Vineyard.

EmilyQ said...

oh yes, sailing goes all year long. some places even have frostbite sailing which goes all winter long (in cold places). i know some people in my neck of the woods that also rock out the ice boats.

but... we shall see if i get to hit the caribbean scene with the t2p.tv boys this winter.

elcomom said...

Fabulous viewpoint and music for a wonderful event!!!