Goin' to Nationals

We didn't make it in under the wire. Sniff.
No, still not telling our master plan.
Because there's always next year.
If you do,
I do.

We'll still be boozing. You?

Yes, the time is upon us. The 2008 National Toboggan Championships are next weekend, February 8-10.

I had so much fun last year, I just had to play again (with a little urging from boss V). It didn't take much convincing because really, who doesn't love an excuse to booze all day and then sled down an ice covered chute at 60 miles an hour.


2008 Team Roster: 3 (wo)man
Virgi Mama
Corey Baby

Our top brainstorms for team names are as follows:

  1. Chute, Chute Ba-Doop
  2. Ice Ice Baby
  3. Pabst Blue Boggin
  4. Project Sledway
  5. Sled and the Family Stone
  6. Slip Sledding Away
  7. Barack Toboggan
  8. Bloggin Toboggan
Pff. I'm not telling you our chosen team name. But I will tell you it isn't one of the above, it's BETTER. We have a solid chance to win costume gold this year.

Ugh. I know. I can't wait to tell you either, but you'll just have to wait and see.


Fists up.
Sled down.



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Save the Date

Save the Date: DONE
Done and done.
This wedding is gonna be EPIC.

Love lives.


I finally got around to messing with these clips I took on Christmas Eve.

Mumble Jumble

Virg and I were having drinks in front of the fire at the Camden Harbor Inn on Friday night when a couple walked by, "We're going to have more fun than you," the woman in her sixties said as she and her man friend in his seventies walked to their room.

I'm cutting back on my information/regurgitation intake. Deleting feeds. Using one blog.

Did you know that ABC has every episode of Lost streaming for free on their website? I'm catching up on three seasons. I have a lot of Lost-ing to to.... How dreamy is Jack? Totally.
Me: Is that guy in the window cute? I kind of think that guy with the hair is cute. What about the tall one?

Virginia: Emily, your frame of reference for 'cute' is non existent these days.


Pause, to Begin

I just sent this email to some friends, but I thought I'd share it here as well.

Hi creatives, friends of creatives-

My talented friend Dave has created a competition for photographers called Pause, to Begin. I hesitate to call it a competition because it's much more than that: it's a wonderful opportunity. Oh, and it ain't just based on shits, giggles and daydreams, the project is advised by three accomplished photographers, Charlest Altschul, Joyce Tenneson and John Paul Caponigro. You might have heard of them. If not, Google that shit (actually you don't have to, I've linked to each just for you).

The selected photographers will have their images included in a hardbound fine art book and featured in a gallery show celebrating the book release.

Check out the site, and please, pass it on to any up and coming photographers who might be interested.

Pause, to Begin

A place in town

tea for 2

My dream building in Camden has been sold. I'm not sure how long it's been on the market, but I've had the tour and the potential is endless.

I've wistfully fantasized about living, working and creating in this building. The place is gorgeous from the basement to the third floor, but needs love. The kind of love that costs money, and lots of it.

Had I come up with a solid good idea I'd have maybe looked into finding investors, and making a dream come true. A friend and I have been tossing ideas for the future around....

But someone beat me to the punch. I'm nervous about restorations destroying the integrity of the building.

Anyone know the scoop? Drop me one.



The View From Heaven

The view from heaven

Feasting is over.
A clanging of dishes and laughter come from the house on the hill, of mothers and brothers..

There they sit. Quiet. Reflective.
Digesting at the tip of heaven.
Toes dipping.



From the archives

I recently discovered a bunch of video clips from my very first digital camera, circa 2004. These clips pretty much represent my experience at the College of Charleston. Sail, drink, sail, drink.
I went to class once in a while too.

It's fun to revisit the southern living time of my life.


Bigger is better

I'm teaching myself how to use hot rollers by putting them in once a day for a week.

I'm teaching myself how to use hot rollers
Day 2
Did a test run yesterday... but didn't document. But, I will be documenting my progress from now on.

Basically, I just want to have big hair whenever i want.

I need to work on wrapping the ends of my hair onto the rollers.
Practice makes permanent.

Day 3: Hot roller madness
Day 3
Good news: I'm improving.
The mist of hair spray on each strand before rolling does wonders.

Goal: Shirley-fucking-temple curls.

I'm pretty sure that my one week intensive will result in the skillz needed to effortlessly go big whenever the mood strikes me. Don't worry Virginia, I'm not trying to put you out of business, I still need your expertise.

If you miss me I blog on my Tumblr blog 2-3 times a day, too. My most recent post can be found in the side bar, under the quail feed.


oh i jumped on that bandwagon

oh i jumped on that bandwagon

Wanna see some reaaaallly awesome LP Portraits?

Sled Town, Vacationland

I've decided that no matter what I end up doing in my life, I make it a point to hang out with kids, at least once a month. What a blast it is to experience young minds. I'm so lucky.


Takk! Now you know how to say "Thank You" in Norwegian.

Hot Damn!
A few thanks are in order.

First to quick like a bunny Mr. James, for answering my plea for a renewal of my flickr account! You made my friggin day. Really.

Second to my mysterious Canadian friend who got me this book from my Amazon wishlist.

And a third thank you to Bliss, who taught me a very important lesson: If I want something, all I need to do is ask.

Better late than never

Holy shit, four blog posts here in one day!

My Midcoast

I'm starting a new collaborative project with people who live in Midcoast Maine. I'm inviting anyone who has something to say about goings on here, who lives in this neck of the woods to participate.

Check it out, watch it grow: My Midcoast.

If you are interested in contributing words, photos, videos or original music, buzz me an email at mymidcoast@gmail.com.

Curious about collaborative blogging? Check out the Projectionist.

Do you wanna

make my day?
more magic


my hammer

On Christmas, our holiday feast with friends ended with the German custom of Bleigießen. Bleigießen, or lead pouring is an activity similar to reading tea leaves. Each of us heated up a ladle of lead and poured the molten lead into a bucket of cold water.

The shape is then interpreted, and it's meaning (there's a list of shapes and meanings here) predicts what the new year holds.

My first pour resulted in the formation of a hammer. The hammer supposedly means I'll get what I want this year. I'm cool with that.


Happy New Year!

Mark and the primpers

Mark and the Primpers

Click here for more photographs of our Fantackytastic New Years!

Twenty Years

Wedding Picture Richard Bridget 1988

Dates elude me. I never remember birthdays and anniversaries. My mom and Richard's anniversary always creeps up out of nowhere on this second of January (What, ANOTHER event? I'm pretty celebrated out) every year. I almost forgot again this year, except that this year celebrates a landmark anniversary.

Twenty years ago today, I was a flower girl in a very important wedding. The wedding of my mom, Bridget, to my stepfather, Richard.

I didn't appreciate the gesture at the time, but I too received a gold wedding ring. Actually, maybe I did because I remember getting choked up as it was slid on my finger. Or maybe I was just embarrassed to be in front of all those people in the church.

One thing I can be very sure of is that it's been twenty years! Holy smoke time flies when you're mad, glad and involved with family.

Here's to another twenty!

Love you guys.

Qualey Stetson Family Photo

Qualey Stetson Family Photo 2

Qualey Stetson Family Photo 3

I found a more recent family picture! This one is only two or three years old.

One more family photo... slightly more current. only three years old.