something for a monday

this was a weekend of leisure, celebrating
courtney's completion of the bar exam.

we hung with a friend we grew up sailing with
and he scoffed at me as i shot video with my
phone (he's a steadicam operator).

eh, i like the challenge creating stuff with
limited resources.

matt, this one's for you.


guess the engine year, win a prize

i'll make something and send it to you.


i could not help but noticing

therewas something in the air last night,
maybe it's just not worth the "might..."
'cause even robots gotta get it on
till the break-of-break-of-dawn.

*contains profanity*
update: Robots in The New York Times Magazine


shit aint bad

cavorting with wolves

models, wolves and smoke, oh my!

yesterday i helped jon and drew on a
photo shoot in conjunction with
phase one.


for courtney!

just in case you are in the library studying, imagine
"i fought the law," playing in your head...

artisan boatworks


feed me

i have to admit that up until 48 hours ago i had
no idea why an rss feed would be helpful. my lack
of appreciation for the feed, however, drastically
changed when i decided to dive into the unknown
trough and subscribe to a few of my favorite sites
with google reader.

after subscribing to a few feeds, it all started to
make sense... and over the past couple days i've
subscribed to ALL my favorite blogs, websites
and news sources.

google reader manages feed subscriptions and
keeps track of when a website updates. it's like
glorified bookmarking.

some feeds actually embed pictures, videos and
full text while others are more like teasers, linked
to the extended article.

google reader reminds me of sites that i might
forget to check regularly and remarkably i've
also expanded the circle of websites that i frequent.

i can share my favorite items (that anyone
can subscribe to) and even facebook has a
widget that will display recently shared articles.

basically, with google reader it takes less
time to cover more ground.

i found these tips helpful:
get more out of google reader


view from the bar at the bistro

music: utopia from the free sample zone

the waking curve

creeping towards truth
and impending awareness.

get closer.