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Happy Halloween!

change is gonna come

i'm highly looking forward to the big update on tumblr on November 1. i'm not sure why i'm waiting to do the official move, but when i do, i'll let you know.

tumblr is a refreshingly clean and simple way to (b)log your stream of conscious thoughts and findings.

i've been tumbling since April, but have been struggling with how to organize the things i find amusing on the internet and the things that i make and offer to the internet. i tend to have an urge to keep them very, very separate.

however, the concept of keeping the two separate is one that is slowly fading in my mind.


gray day



i love to dress up, but i rarely plan spectacular halloween costumes. usually, i'll dive into the dress up pile a few hours ahead of time and whip up something... extravagant and fun. as a result i rarely have a title of who i'm supposed to "be."

a random yachtie did tell me about twelve times that i could be a delfonso airlines stewardess. not that i've ever head of delfonso airlines, but i'll take his word for it.

unfortunately only a handful of people got in the mood for gilbert's halloween party on friday, so i, no theme-crazy-emily won the most original costume prize.

anyway, because i'm procrastinating from doing anything useful today and the fact that i'm usually behind the camera and i didn't get a full body shot of my 'fit, i drew a little pictures of it instead.

i don't typically wear the same costume twice, especially when the 'ween falls mid-week and the party lasts for two. but, i do have 2 exclusive events to attend on wednesday... so i may rock the get-up again. if i do, i'll be sure to document the real deal.

flickr photo set of other people


chit chat

video chatting with my sister. she just got a hair cut. she's a natural blond blond

i do not like talking on the phone. what. so. ever.
i'm not a huge fan of instant messenger chatting either.

today however, while talking with my sister, i discovered that i don't mind video chatting in the least.

so, if you wanna talk, in almost person, hit me up sometime.

EmiliciousQ on aim or emilyqualey on gtalk.

2 questions

what should i be for halloween?

from the archives:
why does the bathroom smell like seaweed?


a rambling rant...

Last weekend I found myself in a heated discussion with another local about PopTech’s presence in town. I wasn’t anticipating fireworks, but then again I know from first hand experience that cocktails can cause fireworks of words and sometimes even crackers.

The man I was had a disagreement with had a firm anti-Pop!Tech position and there came a point where I became so discouraged by our discussion that I had to walk away. A short time later he was screaming at the Pop!Tech participants that were lingering outside the bar.

I’ve spent the weekend mulling over his anger towards Pop!Tech. Honestly, I can’t exactly remember what he was trying to prove (it was late in the evening and I’d had my fair share of PBR and Dark 'n Stormy’s.).

I think he was angry because the conference is high profile and it costs (a lot of) money to attend. Sure, it’s kind of exclusive in this regard, but I found it unnecessary for him to barrage participants because they've paid 3,000 bucks to come to our town for the weekend. And… I told him so.

I’m sure D. hasn’t spent much time researching who was actually speaking at the conference or what they were even talking about. I bet he didn't know that there was live streaming of the entire event available online, for free. Not to mention that there were pictures being uploaded continuously to flickr and countless people blogging about the event. But i have a feeling he didn't really care.

Sure, you could pay for a mouth of braces with what it costs to attend Pop!Tech. But anyone one of us can sign up to volunteer or even apply for a scholarship to attend. I know for a fact that a small number of locals do plan ahead and attend Pop!Tech as both volunteers and participants.

Perhaps it would be a friendly gesture to the community to have a live stream on a plasma at the Camden Public Library. Can I promise that people would actually go and watch? No. Honestly, I doubt there would be many locals there at all. There’d probably be more Pop!Tech attendees there on their computers than locals.

Which brings me to the local issue. VillageSoup published one piece about Pop!Tech occurring this year. It amazes me that VillageSoup doesn’t have a local reporter or blogger there to share with the community, through our community news source about the fascinating topics being discussed by experts in the midst of our own town.

Actually, this is where I get irate. On Sunday evening, following three days of discussions, presentations and performances including Grammy winner John Legend, the top read news stories of the week on VillageSoup are as follows:

lame ass villagesoup top read stories

Obviously no one from VillageSoup gives a shit about what’s going on around the corner. Please, what's with the random Texas story. I just don't get it. What I do get is that locals don’t know any better than to bitch and complain, because our local news sources won't tell us anything interesting about what's happening here.

VillageSoup can do better than publishing a continuous stream of police blotters and pictures about pretty fall leaves and sunrises (Camden and Rockland). VillageSoup can educate and inform the community about something relevant in addition to the latest high school sports results. But, more often than naught, they don’t.

But that's another story, back to the rambles at hand.

I’m grateful that Pop!Tech calls Camden it’s home. It’s exciting to read about the brilliant people that descend upon our town and then see them getting coffee! Or talk with them over a beer!

I only have a few complaints about life amidst Pop!Teching.

The J-Walking: Just because this is a small town doesn’t mean you have free reign to walk wherever you please. In a place that has crosswalks every hundred feet (or less) don’t be lazy and inconsiderate. (I know you go to Pop!Tech. Don’t bother to hide your badge now.)

The live stream: for some reason the live stream just never worked for me. It would stumble along for five seconds and then cause my browser to crash. I did have the opportunity to meet the Yahoo PR lady, i think her name was Megan, (Yahoo sponsored the live streaming) and she seemed concerned that it wasn’t working, so I gave her my stats and email.

In turn ,she gave me a hard time because I had a gmail account, doh! Ok, so she was kidding with me, but three days and twenty or thirty crashes later the live streaming issue was never resolved. And I never got an email confirming any actual effort to fix the issue.

One last thing… You do know we’re gonna make fun of those badges from sun up to sun down. Is it really necessary to make them quite so big? Seriously!


Kisses and fishes, can’t wait for next year.

Meh. Just found this from VillageSoup... published days after the excitement.
Pop!Tech pizazz in Camden


lucky lady

Weekly Wayne!

weekly wayne!
sharing the love, once a week from here on out.



Picture of people taking pictures

One of these days im going to spend an entire day taking pictures of people taking pictures in Camden.


all this media sharing of life makes everything seem way more interesting and cool and important than it really feels and sometimes it reminds me to appreciate the wonders of my life a little bit more than i do.

weekend bits and pieces...

the journey is fuzzy

when i was in high school i had amazing vision and drive. sure, it was naive, but i forged ahead making far fetched dreams reality.

i've lost that courage. i've never been one to regret or long for the past, mostly i appreciate the process of growing older.

but this plateau or rut or whatever the fuck you want to call it sucks. today i long for some of that spark i had when i was 18.

(not that i'd ever want to BE 18 again, ever.)




schooner bums take on pop!tart... pop!tech

Pop!Tech, the yearly conference of intellectual movers and shakers is here.

The name tag badges are humongous... and look kind of like those new Maine license plates that kind of look like those Arizona ones.

Anyway, some Gilbert's regulars decided to create their own badges... and share them!

the upgrade


Until next year...

the future

Camden's working waterfront will change.
We have a say how.

The Future of Camden's Working Waterfront (PDF)


this one's killing me right now (via Aurgasm).

Cary Brothers - Honestly (mp3)


ah ha ha

my mom tried to convince me to come to octoberfest at the hutman's cabin in new hampshire this weekend with her and richard. she tried luring me with the promise of cute boys.

for real.

blah blah blah

bitch and complain!
play the music louder!

thanks to my podcast subscription to indiefeed electronica music i have a new favorite song!

Benjamin Bates: "Two Flies" (mp3)
from "Recyclomania"

sometimes i don't know...

where i'm going.
what i want.
why i bother.
who i am.
when i'll get there.

actually, remove the sometimes.


a list project


i feel... montage

i feel a cold coming on...

if you feel like exploring other people's feelings... check this out.

i discovered this website a while back. it turns out that jonathan harris, the guy behind wefeelfine.org is speaking at poptech in a week or so. i look forward to watching his talk (streaming live, no i'm not going to poptech...).

though, i have been known to crash a party ; ) or two...

a season ends

sunday nights

now that i'm not in school, the feeling of summer tends to extend well through october. the weather is more dependably sunny, and as of late warm too.

but summer feels really over when the windjammers start wrapping up for the season.

when i say wrap up, i mean it literally, too. crews build skeletons out of wood and piping over the deck area of each of the boats. plastic is used to cover the frame and is then shrink wrapped tight with a big heat gun.

schooner crews were out in force celebrating the end of the season on sunday, so i celebrated too.

clean shaven. what?!?!


most fabulous

New York's Best Drag Queen is coming to Camden.

I'm some kind of excited.

More info:
Camden Harbour Inn


one last hurrah

i went sailing yesterday. this is what i saw.

oh, yes.
and this very special moment from last week:

back to my roots

back to my roots

i miss being a blond. sigh.

about damn time



i lied.

i will not be leaving my house today.
nope. nada. nilch.

maybe tomorrow.

tidy sanity

the film festival:
i saw three films. they were good.
i saw lots of kids i grew up with. ok. i guess we aren't kids anymore.
but some of those sightings, combinations of people... cause me to dip into a certain level of insecurity. it's chilling. debilitating. drink another cocktail.

my diet:
i am aware that a diet of spagetti, cream puffs, coffee and beer isn't exactly a healthy one. i just can't help myself. and as a result my body is curdling in a stew of acidic hell. get your shit together, emily.

in hiding:

i will leave my house today.


a response to the "mystery of emily" comments i've been getting recently.

ok. not helpful. i know.

maybe i'll cover what i actually know about that tomorrow.
(don't hold your breath, grumpy is in the air)

roberta is my friend today: the first time (via Said The Gramophone)