yes, it's about time for some culture.

i'm getting a late start on the film festival, because yesterday the house was spinning like a top, so i missed the intriguing murder story based in maine called "Knee Deep." check out the trailer, it's bizarre... hilarious.... the maine i'm not exactly familiar with.

imminently i'm going to see "King Korn," and then "The Union: The Business Behind Getting High."

I'd like to see "Off the Grid: LIfe on the Mesa" but i'm not sure if i'll have the stamina for a third film. i'd like to walk around the block and get some fresh air sometime today.

tomorrow i'm looking forward to viewing "Helvetica."

i'll probably be too lazy to actually review all these films, but you never know. maybe i'll give each one that i see either the thumbs up or thumbs down.

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