For as long as i can remember my mom's sister Andrea and her husband Steve have hosted Thanksgiving in Sherman Station, Maine. Dinner for 50 is no easy task, but over the years the holiday has become a well ironed machine. This year i challenged the flow of events, with the proposal of a one take family lip dub to "Good Lovin" by The Rascals.

Executing the lip-dub with dinner waiting and the second half of the song not planned out was a challenge, but hot damn, we worked together and I'm sure I wasn't the only one who had fun!

Boom! Enjoy the chaos below.

Oh, i should add that our Thanksgiving count was 49 friends and family. Cousins and spouses and the next generation...

The cousins and extended family

Most of the older boy cousins and fathers departed to huntin' camp around supper time. The girls hot tub lip dubbed "Yellow Submarine" before being ordered to stop singing along the Beatles and remove ourselves from the hot tub to preserve the family jewels. Exact words used too, about the family jewel part.

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B said...

this is absolutely wonderful. Such fun.