I'll bring my own rubber gloves

I need a job.

Something part time for now, preferably in Camden and not at an old folks home.

I've been looking on VillageSoup for some job possibilities and they all look pretty much like this:
VillageSoup Classifieds

So here's the thing, I'm a pretty bad-ass bus girl (or at least I was when i was 15) and at this point I'd even be down with washing dishes.

My friends, I'm desperate. I need to get out of the house and out from under this rock.

If you know of anything... I'm well aware the good stuff isn't gonna show up on VillageCrap.

Help a sister out!


Matt said...

I take it your AutoCAD isnt upto scratch.
Im sure something will pop up soon :)

Beave said...

What happened with the sailing video work?

EmilyQ said...

1. It is a slow time of year for yachting, lots of research and paperwork.

2. I don't have the greatest work ethic when i'm working by my lonesome in my bedroom.

3. I need to make more money.

4. I'm basically going stir crazy and i need to be around people.

Beave said...

You need an Adventure (make note of the capital on that).