Entertainment in the Mid Coast was above par last week.

Tuesday night I wandered in the Opera House to see the last set of the Derek Trucks, Allman Brothers guitarist and his band. I haven't seen the Camden Opera House rock like that since I snuck in to see Wilco years ago. Whoop.

On Thursday, I saw Camden Regional High School's production of Footloose. Across the board those kids had smokin' singing voices and they rocked the house right.

Lights go down on the cast of Footloose.

Saturday night was all about EDIE!

Edie slash glamazon was a stitch. Here, she brings Rob up on stage for some lessons in the cha cha.

The Camden Harbour Inn hosted a lovely party after the show. There were nibbles and giggles and gays galore! Edie, and her edietini sat down with us for a bit.

Even with my hot high heels I was a mouse next to Edie!

And i thought with my heels i'd be closer!


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