tidy sanity

the film festival:
i saw three films. they were good.
i saw lots of kids i grew up with. ok. i guess we aren't kids anymore.
but some of those sightings, combinations of people... cause me to dip into a certain level of insecurity. it's chilling. debilitating. drink another cocktail.

my diet:
i am aware that a diet of spagetti, cream puffs, coffee and beer isn't exactly a healthy one. i just can't help myself. and as a result my body is curdling in a stew of acidic hell. get your shit together, emily.

in hiding:

i will leave my house today.


a response to the "mystery of emily" comments i've been getting recently.

ok. not helpful. i know.

maybe i'll cover what i actually know about that tomorrow.
(don't hold your breath, grumpy is in the air)

roberta is my friend today: the first time (via Said The Gramophone)

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Anonymous said...

Thats a very funky video. I don't really get it, but i like it