chit chat

video chatting with my sister. she just got a hair cut. she's a natural blond blond

i do not like talking on the phone. what. so. ever.
i'm not a huge fan of instant messenger chatting either.

today however, while talking with my sister, i discovered that i don't mind video chatting in the least.

so, if you wanna talk, in almost person, hit me up sometime.

EmiliciousQ on aim or emilyqualey on gtalk.


Anonymous said...

you had to use the loveliest picture of me didn't you?

EmilyQ said...

oh phrona, it was the only one i took... i ended up having too much fun talking to you to take another!

i'm sorry the quality makes it look like you don't have eyes.

; )

EmilyQ said...

and look!

we're smiling. laughing. enjoying the company of each other for once! hey!