i love to dress up, but i rarely plan spectacular halloween costumes. usually, i'll dive into the dress up pile a few hours ahead of time and whip up something... extravagant and fun. as a result i rarely have a title of who i'm supposed to "be."

a random yachtie did tell me about twelve times that i could be a delfonso airlines stewardess. not that i've ever head of delfonso airlines, but i'll take his word for it.

unfortunately only a handful of people got in the mood for gilbert's halloween party on friday, so i, no theme-crazy-emily won the most original costume prize.

anyway, because i'm procrastinating from doing anything useful today and the fact that i'm usually behind the camera and i didn't get a full body shot of my 'fit, i drew a little pictures of it instead.

i don't typically wear the same costume twice, especially when the 'ween falls mid-week and the party lasts for two. but, i do have 2 exclusive events to attend on wednesday... so i may rock the get-up again. if i do, i'll be sure to document the real deal.

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elcomom said...

Love the sketch! It reflects your outfit really well and in some ways better than a photo. I wish I could draw like that....