Twenty Years

Wedding Picture Richard Bridget 1988

Dates elude me. I never remember birthdays and anniversaries. My mom and Richard's anniversary always creeps up out of nowhere on this second of January (What, ANOTHER event? I'm pretty celebrated out) every year. I almost forgot again this year, except that this year celebrates a landmark anniversary.

Twenty years ago today, I was a flower girl in a very important wedding. The wedding of my mom, Bridget, to my stepfather, Richard.

I didn't appreciate the gesture at the time, but I too received a gold wedding ring. Actually, maybe I did because I remember getting choked up as it was slid on my finger. Or maybe I was just embarrassed to be in front of all those people in the church.

One thing I can be very sure of is that it's been twenty years! Holy smoke time flies when you're mad, glad and involved with family.

Here's to another twenty!

Love you guys.

Qualey Stetson Family Photo

Qualey Stetson Family Photo 2

Qualey Stetson Family Photo 3

I found a more recent family picture! This one is only two or three years old.

One more family photo... slightly more current. only three years old.


Anonymous said...

thats quite a tan you have in that last photo

virginia said...

that was really sweet em - i always love seeing the old pictures - fantastic!

elcomom said...

Lovely, Em. Thanks! Lots of love, Ma