Pause, to Begin

I just sent this email to some friends, but I thought I'd share it here as well.

Hi creatives, friends of creatives-

My talented friend Dave has created a competition for photographers called Pause, to Begin. I hesitate to call it a competition because it's much more than that: it's a wonderful opportunity. Oh, and it ain't just based on shits, giggles and daydreams, the project is advised by three accomplished photographers, Charlest Altschul, Joyce Tenneson and John Paul Caponigro. You might have heard of them. If not, Google that shit (actually you don't have to, I've linked to each just for you).

The selected photographers will have their images included in a hardbound fine art book and featured in a gallery show celebrating the book release.

Check out the site, and please, pass it on to any up and coming photographers who might be interested.

Pause, to Begin

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