Bigger is better

I'm teaching myself how to use hot rollers by putting them in once a day for a week.

I'm teaching myself how to use hot rollers
Day 2
Did a test run yesterday... but didn't document. But, I will be documenting my progress from now on.

Basically, I just want to have big hair whenever i want.

I need to work on wrapping the ends of my hair onto the rollers.
Practice makes permanent.

Day 3: Hot roller madness
Day 3
Good news: I'm improving.
The mist of hair spray on each strand before rolling does wonders.

Goal: Shirley-fucking-temple curls.

I'm pretty sure that my one week intensive will result in the skillz needed to effortlessly go big whenever the mood strikes me. Don't worry Virginia, I'm not trying to put you out of business, I still need your expertise.

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