ME Time

Cabin fever, what? We're entering the most painful time of year in Maine. The time where everywhere else in the United States (except of course Alaska) is starting to smell like dirt and flowers, but we've still got snow storms on the docket for another two months.

Even though I'm starting to itch for flip flops and sun dresses, I'm as Maine obsessed as ever. Thanks to Google News (my latest obsession) I can track what people from all over, (and where I kind of wish I was visiting) are saying about my slow thawing favorite place.

Camden by the Sea, Rockland by the Smell: Maine odor patrol smells the coffee

Isn't this weather faaabulous: An Aussie celebrates the 4th of July on an island in Maine

Almost Maine: A Comedy

Last but not least, a video of local bad ass's, Kimmy and Kirstin Scott. I've always admired the free spirited Scott family as a kid and to this day they never cease to impress me.

The sisters have entered a contest to get on Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations FAN-atic Cooking Show Special.

The embed player isn't working, click here or there to watch. The comments are worth the trip.

trustfund kids?? are you for real? this family of 7 grew up in midcoast maine with a hippie mother selling quiche in harvard square.

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Chuck said...

Hey, that's too funny about knowing the bassist from The Red Romance.

Should I tell him you say "hi"? :)