Happy Valentine's Day!

I haven't been holding up my end of my Valentine bargain because I've been rather busy (good for me, bad for you).

I have however put together a little singing telegram for you to enjoy. I'm singing a song called The Book of Love by The Magnetic Fields.


virginia said...

lovely em!

Mary Jane said...

how amazing are you dear?!

chuckm said...

Catching up! Since the death of the ORG I keep forgetting to visit all these little blog islands.

This is just about the sweetest thing. I don't suppose you have an audio only version?

Extra exciting for me 'cuz I'm gonna get to see Magnetic Fields on Sunday!

me said...

I love it. Love the Magnetic Fields - all 69 Love Songs all volumes - and love your work. You...are...so...flipping...cool. I'm honored to share a name. Thanks for letting me. See you at the sled races, deah.