From where I stood

Today was shitty. I'm sick of the cold snowy weather. I'm tired of doing aimless projects that barely get the bills paid. And for no particular good reason I've just been grumpy (maybe it could have something to do with the prospect of having the house to myself for four whole days and then having my coveted solitude pulled out from under me).

But then after stomping/sulking around all day because of a broken heater, fuzzy footage and a residual hangover my day became less shitty... I received a postcard from the creatives at five and a half with a special creative task written on it. I had forgotten that a month or so ago I had expressed interest in a project called the postcard says.
The Postcard Says
My task made me smile.... I'll post more about that soon.

In other news, today is Edna St. Vincent Millay's birthday. One hundred and sixteen years ago Millay was born in Rockland, Maine and she grew up on the other side of Camden from where I live. We attended the same school, though Mary E. Taylor was Camden's High School in her day, Middle School in mine.

I like to imagine Millay adventuring around town, hiking Mt. Battie, notebook in hand. Or what her voice sounded like at the Whitehall Inn reciting the Penobscot Bay inspired poem Renascence.

I posted this video a number of months ago, but dug it up for the sake of celebration.

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