I didn't even realize it until right now, but today is the one year birthday of Belmont Babbles. A year ago I started this blog. I didn't know what I was doing then, and I still don't. Yeah! The year, as documented, has been full of adventures, both fun and challenging.

March has been a quiet month, I know. I've had the opportunity to participate with people on real life creative projects. What?! You talk to people!? You leave your house?! I know. Really. These real life interactions have been a nice reminder of how gratifying working with people (in the real of life and flesh) is.

Oh, and for those of you who were wondering if I've gotten a job yet, the answer is, no. But I have applied and interviewed for one. You'll know when I know.

Shit. Of course the job is nearby, silly. I wouldn't go leaving Camden for a second summer in a row. I've learned that lesson.

One more thing and then I'm done. I swear. Because I change my mind a lot I'm blogging on my Tumblr blog again. Blah blah blah. If you really stalk me then you already knew that.

Oh, and here's a gift. Of music. Maybe you've heard of the Muxtape, maybe you haven't. Wellllll, it's like a mixtape. Online. And because I was an early adopter on this one, I got Emily as a user name!


The music will change with my mood. Hugs n mugs. I'll leave you with Wayne! See, I knew that would make you smile!

Magic hands and Wayno

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